Friday, September 19, 2014

Njan movie review

NJAN  is a  Palerimanikyam type typical  movie from Renjith.

Ome main thing of the movie is that the Dulqer fans get upsetted with the non glamourous exposure of


Dulquer  plays the role of KTN Kottoor and he has done a remarkable performance

Renjith has gone through a periodic maturity transition in his director life to reach up to NJAN

The film hasn't aimed a commercial success and done like.......

something to tell as the director truely wish to tell

.It will not be a  wonder is some actors will get a  awards for the performance

Renji Panicker is one man who   reveals his acting power and he will go more and more as an actor in

malayalam movie..even .bit late

Renjith deserves a big clap for his confidence to do the movie and to spend money for that

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Njaan is Releasing.......

Njaan is an upcoming Malayalam film directed by Ranjith with Dulquar Salmaan in the lead role] alongwith Jyothi Krishna, Anumol and new comer Shruthi Ramachandran as the heroines 

The movie is based on the acclaimed novel K T N Kottur Ezhuthum Jeevithavum by T. P. Rajeevan, which is set in the backdrop of India's freedom struggle
and depicts a magical history of a Kerala village.

Friday, August 8, 2014